RF356 not on ShakeNet but is "connected"

Hello, my ShakeBoom is showing offline on ShakeNet and I’ve had a couple of emails letting me know it’s off line, however from the Config screen it’s saying Data Producer:ON; Data Consumer:ON; Data Forwarding:ON and Server Connection:Connected.
I’ve checked the account email addresses on the shake config and shakenet match;
Swarm shows my data in caps.raspberryshakedata.com;

Any help appreciated. Log files and screenshots attached.
Thank you
WayneShakeBoom%20screenshot%2020190806 Shakeboom%20email%20config%20screenshot RSH.RF356.2019-08-05T20_36_52.logs.tar (3.3 MB)

Hi @tepahu, welcome to the community. We are looking into this. Thanks for your patience.


looking at the log files, your unit became disconnected from the server on 24-july and was unable to reconnect. after a period of 7 days of being offline you will receive an email informing you of this.

when you rebooted your unit, it successfuly connected to the server and everything returned to normal, i.e., the screenshot you provided is accurate.



Hi Richard and Ian,
Thanks for the reply. My station was off after problems with the PSU and memory card … it is now “connected” … but not quite normal. It is still appearing offline on ShakeNet (sorry I wasn’t explicit enough previously). Thanks

aha! i see what you mean now.

for some reason, the two servers were out-of-sync, one thinking the station was on-line, while the other was thinking it wasn’t.

it should be on-line again, please re-check.



Thanks Richard … all seems good now. \w