Restart / password problems?

Trying to put a Shake online that we have had for a while. AM.R303A.00. Boots up ok. Trying to change the configuration settings. When entries are completed, go for save and restart. Sits there forever - attempting restart. No messages.

Other attempts, via Terminal, suggest the default password has been changed ? How do I reset to factory settings - without editing SIM card etc. ? Can I download new copy of SIM card ? Running Version 0.18


Hi @planetcooler, please post your logs so that we can have a look.

Log files here - RSH.R303A.2020-03-16T22_27_34.logs.tar (1.7 MB)

My recommendation would be to try to re-burn the SD card and see if that helps. The software and the instructions for burning it to the card are here:

ok - thanks . Will give it a try. Need to get a micro-SD card reader/writer. Slightly intrigued that I was able to pull the log files off the Pi - without a Username / Password, using the web interface, but can’t get access with ssh, or the likes of Cyberduck. (without Username/Password)


that’s an interesting point about the log files. thinking about this, though, since there is no sensitive information contained in the log files (also the reason why they can be posted to a public forum), there really isn’t an analog between downloadable log files and not being able to log in without your password.

because, logging in gives you access to both sensitive information, as well as the ability to run commands on the unit directly, not to mention the ability to completely hijack the machine.

whereas downloading log files gives you access to none of these “features”.



Makes sense. Have ordered a micro_SD card reader/writer - will attempt to reburn the SD-card. In the meantime have discovered that RaspberryShake is quite good at picking up local helicopter activity… AirQuakes ?! :slight_smile:

Getting jumpy here. I now have a uSD card reader / writer - all set to re-burn the SD card.
However - my Mac says the uSD card - named boot, is a) MS-DOS(FAT16) and b) only has a capacity of 66MB of which only 23 MB are used. The card is in fact a 64GB card - so not sure why all the additional space isn’t showing up. Do I really reformat this as FAT32 ? Where do the helicorder files live? I can’t identify them. Presumably will lose if I reformat?

Beginning to think I am missing something here ?!

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 17.39.58

It’s gone very quiet - are you all on Covid19 lockdown? I am ready to re-burn the uSD card for the Shake - but would like to understand my query above. Anyone have a directory listing / map of what should be on the Shake at the moment? I have taken a copy - in case it all goes horribly wrong.

hi there,

sorry for the delay, i’ve gotten myself a bit confused which problem we’re trying to solve. let’s start over to identify the way forward:

  1. original problem was that you couldn’t save new configuration settings from the front-end, followed by
  2. couldn’t log in using ssh since it seems the password has changed

so, before you overwrite your SD card, which will erase all data there, i think you should do a simple power-cycle. first try from the front-end ACTIONS::ACTIONS::Reboot. when that doesn’t work, power-cycle the unit by unplugging, waiting 30 seconds, and plugging it back in.

as for data, re-burning the SD card will result in all data being lost previously existing on the disk. if you want to save the data collected to this point (your save-data setting is set to seven days), you can download the data files through the front-end ACTIONS::DOWNLOAD::DATA button before re-burning your card.

if your password is indeed lost, and the front-end is not allowing you to proceed with pw-required options, you will need to re-burn the card in order to reset the PW back to the original. to answer your question in your first post: no, it is not possible to reset the password while retaining all other data on the SD card.

and it has just occurred to me: perhaps pop-ups are blocked by your browser? when the password is not the default, when you make some change via the front-end a pop-up will display asking you for your password. if this is the case, perhaps this explains the “hang” you were seeing when you couldn’t save your configuration settings originally?

please let me know what you end up trying and what happens.



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