Required Pi RAM



Good morning. I am sure that this has already been answered, but for the life of me I have yet to find the answer. In the Compatibility Section it shows which versions of the Pi will work from which version of RaspberryShake hardware/software, but what I am looking for is how much RAM you need to make it work well.

Sorry to take up your time.


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Hello Bobb,

Good morning to you, and no problem at all!

Our Shakes ship with Raspberry Pi 3B boards, which have 1GB RAM as a standard from the RPi manufacturer. Test trials have shown Shakes working in good conditions with 512MB, but we do not recommend it. Anything from 1GB onwards will be optimal for our instruments.

Much obliged for the reply.


You’re more than welcome.

One last question before I place an order. Where we live in North Dakota, was built on a filled in slough. Every other Sunday night, a train with about 100 cars comes to town so it can be filled up with grain. When the engine comes to a stop, all of the rail cars come to an abrupt stop, with all of the cars compressing together, and the town actually shakes. It is not so bad when the train leaves, normally on Monday, as the cars just start moving one at a time.

My question is, will this make the data being sent to you unusable, or because it is only happening locally and is not actually rocks moving and grinding, no one else’s “Shakes” would “see” or record the event?


Hello Bobb,

I would say that the conditions in your location would make it even more interesting to have a Shake where you are, so, rest assured, the data will be surely useful!

You could acquire more detailed data on how vibrations due to human activity are felt by a professional-grade seismograph together with any earthquake that your Shake will manage to detect. Any vibration is interesting as it deepens our understanding of the world around us.