Request for Spectrogram Fine Tuning


Could it be possible to have 2 distinctive parameters in memory, between Boom and Shake for that cool Fine Tuning widget ?
I have a list of Booms & Shakes in my saved hosts to watch, and switching between boom and shake makes me always modify the fine tuning on very different setups, and sometimes it becomes just annoying.
I don’t know if you have interest in my request, it would be could to make them distinct.

Btw this fine tuning tool is really cool.
I interpret it like the tuning on AM/FM radio. Right?




Hello Alex,

This is a very interesting suggestion, thank you for your proposal and explanation of the reason behind it! And glad to hear that you find this little tool useful.

I will pass it to our development team, and we well see what we can do in the coming ShakeNet App releases. Thanks again!