Rename stations or sonor alarm on Swarm from USGS?


is there a trick so that we can rename stations in the Swarm program from USGS ???

or an audible alarm for an earthquake from the tracked or favorite station ???

Why do I ask, because I have often seen on the internet renamed stations and even with sound alerts of all kinds …
In conclusion, I saw that it is not impossible, but I have not found an explanation so far …I put here only demonstrative pictures, and if I will be allowed, I will add exemplary links in the future …

Below for those who need I attach two helpful links for beginners :

Link for download latest Swarm here : USGS: Volcano Hazards Program
Link for user manual Swarm v_3 here :

Greatings from Romania !!!

The examples that you show here, are name changes that were made in the software from programs like " OBS Studio" (freely available on the internet). They are labels that are over layed on the seismograms. The name changes are NOT made in SWARM.
The alarms are available in SWARM, but only in the Helicorder mode. (See the SWARM instructions for set-up information.)

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Actually, the names can be set via the SwarmMetadata.config file.

You can use the parameter Alias: like in the previous photo.

For the sound alert, i just figured out, you have to open the helicoder, go to the settings and enable Audible clipping and set 1 minute, and remove auto-scale, you then have to play with the “Clip threshold” and set the minimum count for the alarm.