Remote RShake Installations

Please forgive my ignorance regarding networking and many tech terms.

I ran across a discussion about an SDR receiver installation using VirtualHere software ( Home | VirtualHere ) and immediately wondered if it could be used for a remote installation of an RShake where a hard wire might not be feasible.

This is WAY over my head but wanted to throw it out there for you brainiacs to ponder. Have fun!

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As far as I can see, the references to SDR are using the VirtualHere software to control the radios, not using the radios to communicate. It (VirtualHere) provides a remote USB connection over the Internet. So, no, this isn’t a solution to connect a Shake remotely where there is no Internet.

Of course, providing Internet connectivity over radio is entirely possible - e.g. WiFi, and longer range point to point radio links from companies such as Ubiquiti.

Thanks Philip. Your quote " It (VirtualHere) provides a remote USB connection over the Internet." is exactly why I asked the question. Isn’t that exactly what an RShake would need with a remote connection plus a power source? I assumed that the software replaced/simulated the direct USB cable normally connected to an RShake.

Sorry, if I misunderstood.

USB performs two functions (usually): Data communications, which is a relatively low level/low power signal, and providing power (sometimes).

The Raspberry shake doesn’t use USB data for anything, and it isn’t powered via the USB port.
It requires a 5v to 5.2v supply at about 3A from a separate power supply, and an Internet connection via its ethernet port.

So this really wouldn’t be of much use at all.

Hello JerryP,

A very interesting question and proposal indeed!

There are some clients who use radio bridges to send and receive information from their Shakes located in remote areas, where even cellular signals may be low or non-existent. I don’t know if they use SDR-based equipment, but they definitely work in a similar fashion.

The USB ports in a Shake are mainly used for two different functions, to attach an external GPRS-3/4G modem, or to connect external storage to save more data for prolonged offline recording periods. Can they be used for data transmission? Yes, it is possible, but some user-side configuration is needed, in particular for specific applications.

Thank You, Stormchaser. I realize the software was intended for SDR applications, but I was curious about an application for RShakes.

Oh well, so much for brainstorming.