Red Countdown Timer

New to the brilliant Raspberry Shake initiative & hoping to become a part of it with the purchase of a RS&Boom kit sometime soon.

Have installed the ShakeNet app but curious to know what the red countdown timers mean (top right side) that turn to a grey negative number before eventually disappearing? It’s probably explained somewhere but I haven’t found that yet.


1.5 (red circle). Northern Colombia. 2023-07-20 07:31:02. 5 km. 8335 km. 07:04.

For this I take it:

  • the red circle** means the earthquake (EQ) depth is less than or equal to 50 km.
  • Northern Colombia, area where the earthquake took place.
  • 1.5 is the magnitude.
  • date and time is date and time it occurred (think that’s my local time rather than UTC).
  • 5 km is the actual depth of the earthquake?
  • 8335 km is the distance away from my current (app estimated) geographical location? in a south-west direction?
  • red 07:04, unsure?

**info derived from “EQ Depth & Magnitude” key at bottom of

Also how often is the products range refreshed? If something new is about to come out am happy to wait a little longer as it’s not possibly to get a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B from thepihut here in the UK at the moment anyway.

Thanks in advance.

Countdown until the shockwave reaches your location, and your house crumbles into dust around your ears.

I believe the gray is indication of the uncertainty in the propagation velocity.

As for R-PI board availability … all I can say is don’t hold your breath, or maybe take out a second mortgage on your house and buy one from one of the rip-off merchants on Amazon.

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Hello Hadders, and welcome to our community!

Firstly, let me thank you for your interest in our Shakes; it’s always great to see new enthusiasts here!

Regarding your questions, all your analysis is more than correct! In that case, 5 km is the depth of the earthquake (what is called the hypocenter), and the value of 8335 km is the estimated distance to the SW between you and the event based on the geographical location that your phone is providing to the app.

The red countdown numbers display how long, as Philip said, it will take for the earthquake’s principal waves (P waves) to reach your location. After the 00:00 mark has passed, then for a brief time, you will have a reminder of this arrival in grey color. As a note, not all events on that list will be seen from your local Shake, as, using the same example that you have posted, some are too weak/too far away to be detected.

You can see our hardware changelog here: Change log so you can have an idea of our product upgrades during the last years. In any case, our Shakes are perfectly performing both with many 3B or 4B Pi board models (you can find a complete list here: Technical Specifications), so you can also take a look at some 3B boards if you see them on the market.

If you have any other questions, I remain available. Hope to see your new RSBOOM online soon!