Recovering a bad situation

I have a 3-component PiShake in my basement. My network has changed so I no longer have a valid connection to the device. Worse yet (!) I don’t recall the userID or password on the Shake. I want to get this device back up and on the net. Having looked at the on-line docs it seems I shouldn’t just power off the device, things on the SD card might get trashed and anyway I need to reset my userID and password.

I’m looking for some sage advice from more experienced users. I basically want to start for the beginning!


Hi Joe, the recovery from a lost password is to re-burn the SD card, so you’re going to have to unplug it either way.

Side note: if your card is not already corrupted, you should be okay unplugging it once without any significant consequences, however you’re correct that there is always a risk of corrupting the card when performing an improper shutdown like that.

Re-burning the SD card is essentially starting from the beginning.
You can find the means to do it here:
And instructions here: