Received ‘Station Not Online’ notice

I received a ‘Station Not Online’ notice, “Your Raspberry Shake has not shared data to the Raspberry Shake Community Server in 3/31+ days”.

The ‘My Shake’ page show it as: Offline – selected. The stationview Raspberry Shake page does not show it at all. This is not a new installation. It has been active for several years.

How do I get back on line?


Peter Mahoney

Station ID is RS1D: AM.RA5F6.

Hello Peter, welcome back!

Could you please send us the logs from your Shake, just for the sake of having the complete picture of what could be happening with this connection problem?

In case you don’t know or don’t remember how to do it, they are downloadable from the Raspberry Shake’s web configuration page, accessible entering the rs.local (or the Shake IP) address in your browser, then by clicking on the “Download Logs” button.

Thank you.

Hello, and thank you for responding.

I’ll be happy to send you the logs. However, when I enter, I get ‘server not found’. I have looked for the Shake IP but have not found that number. Can you tell me where to find it?

Hello Peter,

no problem at all. You can try to find it from the configuration page of your modem/router, or with an app like Fing ( )?

If Fing manages to find the Shake, are you able to connect to it or do you get another connection error?

OK, I found it. Here is the current log file. Neither the router or Fing could find the IP address for me. I did find my info from when this happened back in June of 2019. Hopefully, this will be what you need to get me back up and running.

Thank you,


RSH.RA5F6.2021-03-24T22 39 39.logs.tar (3.6 MB)

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the logs. From them, yes, it seems that there is something strange going on. I’ll explain. When the Shake starts, your router automatically gives it the following IP address:

Retrieving IP Address of interface eth0:

However, when the connection to our servers is established, it unsually change to this value (again, assigned by your modem/router):


with this DNS server

Now, the difference between these numbers means that for some reason, the router assigns two different LAN IP addresses, and this causes the problems that you are experiencing.

Something that you can try, if you haven’t already, is to shut down your Shake first, then your modem/router. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes, then restart your modem/router, and when it’s back online, please check from your pc/laptop if the following ports are open (do not start the Shake now) if you can:

port 55555 [TCP]
port 55556 [TCP]
port 123 for TCP and UDP traffic in both directions

After checking this (sometimes the modems close them without prompting) and opening the ports, if needed, please start your Shake, wait for around 10 minutes, and check if now you can find your Shake in your network.

Also, please download the logs again and attach them to your answer, so that I can check for any difference, if there are.

Thank you.

I will try this.
Can you tell me how to check and re-open the ports?

Hello Peter,

Unfortunately, I cannot. Every modem/router has its own method to do it, so you should check its manual to see how that works.

It should generally be somewhere in the advanced configuration/settings.