Re: [Raspberry Shake] [Announcements] The iPhone App is here: ShakeNet on iOS is LIVE!

Great news - many thanks!

Please don’t forget iPad users, though, who may prefer Landscape mode and a
higher resolution display!

[Actually, for me, using iPhone apps on an iPad and having to twist the pad
round and possibly remove the keyboard, and find all the buttons in the
wrong place, is a real pain.]

Thanks for the work so far.


Thanks for the feedback David.

Please test on your iPad and let us know what enhancements we can make/ bugs we can fix.

Yours, Branden

I like the app! it loaded fine on my iPhone 11. I have a Shake and Boom. When I first brought it up, it showed by the channels at once. After I visited other options on the app, I couldn’t get back to seeing the acoustic channel… just the EQZ. Now I can’t figure out how to get back to it.

The iPhone ShakeNet is here at last! Very nice. Intuitive, clean and a fair amount of useful display controls.
Request: I could only look back three days on the helicorder. Is there a way to dig a bit deeper into the past?

Thanks, Jeff