Re-locate my new RS4D to new location in my house?

I have just installed my new RS4D and it’s working and producing a log.
1.) It was first set up on my desk but I now need to screw it down to a slate floor slab in my lounge for solid readings. I have read I can’t just unplug it so how do I switch it off and then move it to the new location please.
2.) Also the location on the map in N Wales is 500m incorrect, how do I change it please? The 4D symbol is black - what does this mean?
Sorry for my first few dumb questions?
David Thresh

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To cleanly shut down, use a browser to go to http://rs.local (or the IP address).
Click on the hammer symbol - top left - Actions.
Then select “ACTIONS”:


If you read the documentation, the location shown on the map is deliberately several hundred meters from the true location as a security measure.

Sitting on your desk it is likely picking up all sorts of strong vibrations. Is the color black, or is it dark purple? They can be a bit hard to distinguish. Black means that data is not available from the station, dark purple means that the vibrations are VERY strong (such as you might get with it sitting on a table).

You shouldn’t need to screw it down. A few people have experimented with that, and with putting weights on tope and a few other ideas. They really make virtually no difference to just letting it stand on it’s leveling screws.

Just out of interest, are we talking about an old house, with a real slate floor? or a more modern one with slate tiles? I would guess that an old style slate floor would be close to ideal .

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Hello Help, I have successfully moved my shake AM.RD5c8 to it’s new location on a slate hearth & all good to go. I have it connected to my internet via a hard cable ethernet with flashing green lights on ok. However, I have been trying all afternoon to get the shake to connect to your server. I have tried firewalls, ethernet settings and re-booting several times but it just will not connect and it does not show on the Shake map. What am I doing wrong?? Can someone telephone me please on uk +44(0)1352 781784 before I jump off a cliff!! Cheers Dave Thresh.

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Hello ShakeDave,

I would have asked for your logs, but I saw that you have opened another topic for those, thank you. Let’s continue there.