RBoom setup Question


I have a new RBoom setup.
I have my RBoom installed in my living room on the first floor.
The sensing tubing goes through the floor and out a basement window casing just below the RBoom setup. The tubing distance is about 6-8 feet.
Is this 6 to 8 foot tubing distance ok? What is the maximum tubing length permitted?

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Hello Tom,

There is no strict requirement for a connected sensing tubing, so I think that your installation should perform without issues. The only requirement is, if the tubing is flexible and not rigid, to avoid kinks in it, as tubing should maintain its full diameter, uncompromised by kinks for its entire length.

You can find more recommendations about extension tubing here in our manual, if you haven’t already seen those: Raspberry Boom (RBOOM/ RS&BOOM) Infrasound Monitors — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

I would definitely like to see some photos of this setup.

Thanks @Geotek5


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