RBE98 no longer on map

Happens every now and then. I should have a canned message for this, but can someone check and see what is wrong?


Hello K2PI,

This morning (UTC time) the SB unit is back online on the map. From what I can see from our servers, the Shake lost connection at around 20:02 UTC on August 2nd, and regained it at around 16:59 UTC on August 3rd.

This disconnection event is the cause of why the station did not appear for a bit on our services. As soon as it regained connection, it was visible again.

Thanks, but other than a reboot I initiated, there was no outage of power or internet. Everything else in our home was unaffected, and the Shake and all network equipment are on 72 hour UPS. Just glad it’s back on the map. Thanks.