RaspberryShake Shipping within the US


I have been trying to search on the internet of various shipping companies in the US if there are any restrictions on shipping two RS3D instruments of mine within the US. But I cannot find any information.

Does anyone have more information on that?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello HoussamAlJamal,

I don’t think there are particular restrictions regarding shipping Raspberry Shake units across the country. I believe some other users have done it via courier (like DHL, or FedEx) without problems.

What were you concerned about?


I was just concerned about any security/technical restrictions since the Raspberry Shake include electronic components. If some other users have done that then we are fine.

Another question linked to this topic: Do you know of any users who tried shipping Raspberry Shakes from the US to Canada? and if also there was any restrictions for their shipment by the shipping companies?

Thank you very much!

Hello Houssam,

I don’t think there will be any issue with a US to Canada shipping either. The Shake doesn’t have batteries (that are usually a cause for concern), so it should be possible to send it without particular issues.

If any other member of the community has more detailed info, let us know!

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