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Cool that Raspberry Shake is also a Flight Aware feeder! Not everyone has a twitter account, so have to reply here. I am also a feeder, and my site stats are here:


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great! Yes, we joined the FlightAware back in 2019 before COVID19 hit.

one guy on staff who works in manufacturing, Miguel, loves it and checks the map a few times a day.

FlightAware was certainly an inspiration for us when we got started.



Very cool! How are they able to do that with the Shake? Do you have to be a registered feeder or is it automatic? I’m in Oakland, CA Airport’s flight path and have planes flying over all the time.

Hi Harry,

You can not use the Shake for this, or shouldn’t. You would need a secondary Raspberry Pi, a cheap software-defined radio (SDR) usb dongle with a small antenna, and the free software.

You would be very surprised what your feeder can pick up even with a small antenna. There is a good set of instructions at the link below.

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Oh okay. Thanks for the clarification and info. I’ll keep it in mind for another project for another day. :smiley:

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