RaspberryShake doesn't connecte

I don’t understand why my Raspberryshake doesn’t connect. Everything seems to be working fine on the main page but no data is being transmitted.
RSH.R76AC.2022-04-14T07 17 32.logs.tar (993.5 KB)

Hello IRAP,

Thank you for posting the logs from your Shake. Indeed, it seems that everything is fine, but the station is not visible online.

The first thing you can try, if you haven’t already, is simply to shut down the Shake, then your modem/router, wait a couple of minutes, and then turn the modem on again, wait for it to have stable connectivity, and then turn on the Shake again to see if it was a simple issue with the modem/router itself.

The second, is to change the LAN cable with one that you are sure it works. Or, to check if this one works properly by connecting something like a laptop to the modem/router via the same cable that you are using with the Shake.

Hopefully, these two suggestions will help you in reconnecting your Shake to the internet. However, even if they dont, please wait for around 30 minutes, download the logs again, and post them here, so that I can see what the situation looks like after a fresh start.

Thank you.

Thanks for yours answers.
After reboot the modem and the RS, the result is the same : no signal appears on ShakeNet.
RSH.R76AC.2022-04-15T11 48 15.logs.tar (1.2 MB)

Today, for some unknown reason, the RS seems to work properly, the signal is visible on ShakeView.

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