Raspberryshake 4D

Hi i’m thinking of upgrading to a 4D unit, i was wondering what will be the difference to the 1D, I’m using this in my apartment, will it be more sensitive and detect more movements with the accelerometers ? or i basically don’t need it, I’m in California.

Good morning Charles.

Sounds great! We have a nice comparison chart here.

The RS4D would not be more sensitive than the RS1D. The RS1D and RS4D have the same “weak” motion sensor (geophone) of equal sensitivity and ability to detect small earthquakes. The RS4D also has “strong” motion sensors (accelerometers)- these function to ensure that if the earth motion is so strong that it saturates the weak motion sensor, then the accelerometer would remain on-scale.

For hobbyist purposes, I would say that you are already well equipped!


Thank you so much Branden i appreciate your response, you guys are the best.

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Thanks Charles! Have a great close to the week.