Raspberry Shake web server not responding

Greetings all.

My raspberry shake has become a bit “twitchy” for lack of another technical term. I had a problem where the SD card became corrupted and I had to reload the operating system on a new SD card as I could not even reformat the old card. The smallest card I could buy was a 16GB. I downloaded the latest version of the raspberry shake image and installed it on the card. Now I am having a problem accessing my shake over the network wirelessly. If I restart the shake it will work for a day or a few days and then I cannot access the web page to look at the helicorder data. Any thoughts? Should I somehow force the card to 8GB? The funny thing is that it seems to be just the web server having problems as it is recording and uploading to shakenet as far as I am able to determine.

Hi, the OS will work fine on cards larger than 8GB so no worries there.

  1. Can you post your logs, please?
  2. When you can’t access the Shake’s web services, can you still see it on the network with Fing?
  3. How do you usually restore service, does it come back automatically or do you power cycle?



Just checked Fing as the RS is unreachable again and it’s IP is greyed out. I’ve set the Boom and the Shake to static IP addresses as they kept changing on DHCP. I also changed the name of my RBoom as suggested to “boom” in the config file to keep them from switching names as they have continued to do. My Shake is named AM.R5C08.00.SHZ. I’ll have to power cycle the Shake to get it to respond again. That’s all I can do as it doesn’t seem to accept any connections including SSH when it is unhappy. I’ll post the logs as soon as I can. Thanks for responding so quickl. I’ll get back to you soon.


I just got an automated email from Raspberry Shake saying they haven’t seen me in 3 days so I’m thinking my shake is dead once again. I’ve tried power cycling a couple of times and I’ve not been able to reach it so I suspected as much. The last time the original SD card was corrupted and unreadable/unusable but this is a new card only a month or two old. I’ll see if I can get anything off if it. I’m beginning to think I may need to jack up the RS hat and drive a new Pi underneath it. Do I still need to use a 3B or less? Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan, without looking at the logs, to me this smells like the failure of a low-grade SD card (but could also be a bad WiFi connection). Which card did you buy, out of curiosity? There are plenty of very badly manufactured cheap cards out there. If this is a cheap card my suggestion would be to buy a slightly more robust one (in accordance with our guidelines in the manual).

I’ve been using these with great success for the past couple of years:

To answer your question,

No need to use 3B or less, our software supports the 3B+ and 4 model B’s now:


I believe I somehow screwed up my wireless connection trying to set it to a static IP address. I hooked up an Ethernet cable and it works like a champ. My SD card is a PNY 16 GB class 10 Ultra High speed, very similar specs to the Trancend and it’s fine, boots right up so it was definitely the network. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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Glad I could help, even if it was indirectly.