Raspberry Shake Rebooting after Power Outage

Hi. We recently had a power outage in the middle of the night and the Shake failed to come back on after the power was restored. The PI appeared to boot up, but the web server didn’t start. I thought the outage may have damaged the microsd card so I got a new card and loaded a new image. Since then the Pi seems to be rebooting on a semi regular basis - about 10 times a day. Usually it is down for about 3 minutes. I have included a screen shot of the Helicorder as well as the logs. I am running a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I have another PiZero on order, in case that is the problem. But thought someone might be able to make better sense of the log files than I can and more confidently point to the problem. Thanks in advance for your support.



RSH.R9A9D.2019-07-16T11_20_11.logs.tar (1.3 MB)

Hi Gerard,

Do you have the ability to try the unit with a different power supply?