Raspberry Shake is hiring: Digital Event Planner

Hi Shakers!

Raspberry Shake is hiring a Digital Event Planner to plan and execute exciting new events. These events will provide Shakers and their fellow Citizen Scientists with outlets to express their enthusiasm for citizen science initiatives, engage with other like-minded hobbyists and professionals, share once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and network in a post-COVID19 world.

Please send cover letter and CV to Branden via raspberryshake.org’s contact form.

Skill set:

  • Charismatic. We are after a real people person here.
  • Organized. This job will be heavy on planning and logistics so prove to us you know how to plan well.
  • Fearless. This position will require you to implement bold event strategies. So prove to us you can think “outside the box”, engage and deliver.
  • Experience planning conferences a plus, but not essential. Your CV should show an aptitude for planning big events. At Raspberry Shake you will be unburdened by anything remotely “traditional”.
  • Experience Shaking a plus.
  • Fluent in English (native speaker)

This will be a work from home position (most of us did pre-COVID19, now all of us do). An on-site presence will be required for international events- so get your passport ready!