Raspberry Shake Data Access

Good morning/afternoon/evening Shakers!

As described in our latest updates (Live Data Issues - #60), a new server infrastructure has been implemented in light of the data access issues of the past months.

Consequently, everything has been upgraded as listed below to provide a more stable service and strengthen/“clean up” our data access points. We encourage you to do the same, as old URLs will no longer be functional in the future:


Previous address: https://fdsnws.raspberryshakedata.com :x:
New address: https://data.raspberryshake.org :white_check_mark:

The above also covers FDSN access via ObsPy:
client = Client('https://data.raspberryshake.org') :white_check_mark:

Always on ObsPy, if you still prefer to use the alias RASPISHAKE as:
client = Client('RASPISHAKE')
please update the package to the latest version (v1.4.1 onwards).:white_check_mark:


Previous address: caps.raspberryshakedata.com via port 16022 :x:
New address: data.raspberryshake.org always via port 16022 :white_check_mark:

All remaining access points (StationView, DataView, EQSound, EQLocator, Mobile App) remain unvaried.

Thank you very much for your attention and collaboration.