Raspberry Shake/Boom


Greetings. I have an original Kickstarter Raspberry Shake, it’s working great. I also backed and received a Raspberry Boom. My problem is that the Raspberry Boom has taken over the rs.local network name. Since the network names were changed from raspberryshake.local to rs.local with system version 0.15 my boom claims the name even when booted after my shake. If I boot up the shake it is accessible as rs.local until I boot the boom. After my boom has booted up and I surf to rs.local I get the boom instead and the shake becomes rs-2.local. The boom is hard wired to my network and the shake is running on wireless. Is there any way to change the network name on the boom?



Hi @Dlward50, welcome to the community. We’ve confirmed this problem exists and are looking into it. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to a fix👍.

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