Raspberry Pi Unknown Model on a new 3B+ (again)


Back in January 2019 I had an issue which I raised on the old Google Forum about the Raspberry Pi Model reporting as “Unknown” on the configuration homepage of one of my Raspberry Shakes. This was due to a corrupted revision ID of the Raspberry Pi board I had used, “1a020d3”. Checking with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, they were going to investigate, but never came back to me. Anyway, swapping out the Raspberry Pi board for another “3 Model B+”, with a valid revision ID solved that issue.

At the end of last year I set up a new DIY Raspberry Shake 3D, on my home network, using a recently purchased brand new “3 Model B+”, and got the same issue again on initial start up.

Shake Model : RS3D
Raspberry Pi Model : Unknown Model
System Status : RUNNING
System Version : 0.20

Everything else is working fine; Data Forwarding is on and the Raspberry Shake shows correctly in Station View.

I think my issue this time is that the “3 Model B+” revision version may be too new for the Raspberry Shake System Version to recognise?

Some outputs:
myshake@raspberryshake:/ $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep ‘Revision’ | awk ‘{print $3}’
myshake@raspberryshake:/ $ cat /proc/device-tree/model
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Rev 1.4

This isn’t an issue that I need fixing, but I thought I would raise in case anyone else sees anything similar.




Hello Phill, and welcome back to the community!

Thank you for this prompt feedback. I have passed it to our software team so that they can consider it for any coming updates.

You are correct in your assessment, as our Shake OS currently completely supports the following board for a Pi3B+:

a020d3: 3 Model B+

and yours is the version after it, if my Google research was correct.

Other versions may display an Unknown Model status, but the Shake should (as in your case) continue to work nominally.

Future Shake OS updates will correct this, possibly for other Pi models that will (have) come out in the meantime.

Thank you again!