Raspberry Pi Connect

I would like to ask if we can use Raspberry Pi Connect on a RaspberryShake.
If we choose to install it should we give the commands sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade, as indicated in the Raspberry Pi Connect documentation, or do we risk breaking the RaspberryShake?
Do you have any experience with this?
Are there any official instructions or recommendations?

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Hello konstantinos,

Yes, executing those commands could create some issues with the Shake OS that is operating on your unit, so we don’t recommend doing that.

If you want to set up a way for you (or others) to access the Shake remotely, you can do what you have in mind via virtualized networks, by adding the Shake and any PC you want to one of those networks. We have a description of the software used (ZeroTier) and a link to a comprehensive installation tutorial here: How to connect to Raspberry Shake remotely

When all has been set up, you (or others) will be able to access the Shake remotely from all computers in this new network and also download data from them via the various methods described here (FileZilla is usually the easiest one): How to download your data

For anything else, I remain available.

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Thank you very much Stormchaser!

Could we use ZeroTier to establish a VNC connection to a RaspberryShake?

Another thing: the documentation for Raspberry Pi Connect says that Connect requires a Raspberry Pi running a 64-bit distribution of Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm that uses the Wayland window server. I think that our RaspberryShake do not have this OS, plus they seem to have a 32-bit processor armv7l, so it seems that Raspberry Pi Connect is not compatible with them.

Thanks you very much


Hello kostantinos,

You’re very welcome.

I don’t know if you can interface VNC with ZeroTier (I’ve never tried), but once you have installed ZT, you can test it and see how it goes.

However, as ZT provides you with full command-line access, it’s possible that VNC will no longer be required. Thank you also for the specifications on Pi Connect!

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Thank you very much Stormchaser!

I see. I am thinking if I should try a solution like VNC to access remotely some wifi repeaters on a Shake’s network, which are used to connect other Shakes. These repeaters are not accessible via ssh, but only via a browser on the same local network.

Thanks again!

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After logging into the repeaters with VNC, can you open a command prompt window from there? Or access their local command-line environment in another way?

If so, you can install ZT on each WiFi repeater (if their OS is compatible) and add all of them + the Shake to that virtual network. Then you can access combining VNC for the first step and ZT for the second.

It’s a bit convoluted, but it would get the job done.

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