RaspBerry Pi 4 Model B

Any consideration bt OSOP for the use of a RaspBerry Pi 4 B in the future - or - compatibility with current Shake models?

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Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got your hands on one already. I can’t even pre-order one yet. There are none available for the Southern Hemisphere yet, apparently.

But why do you want to use an RPi 4 for RS or RBoom? The present software is a cut-down version of Raspbian, with limited ability to do anything but its prime purpose of datalogging, so the extra computing capacity of the RPi 4 would not be useful. IMHO, far better to use the RPi 4 as a processing machine that extracts data from the RS and works on them separately.

Thank you Tideman for your personal analysis, I agree with you.

BUT, I asked (1) If OSOP was considering its usage, and (2) Its compatibility with present or future shakes.

I have NO intention of using the Pi 4 for shakes. Thank you anyway.

Hi @JerryP and @TideMan:

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On the day they were released we posted: https://twitter.com/raspishake/status/1143074863164338176

The current Zero W suffices for Raspberry Shake purposes, which means that even the 3 Model B is completely overkill for us.

This is not true. We run a full-blown version.

You can install and run any routine you write yourself. If your routine is efficient, you will find there are plenty of resources.

We agree.


Thank you Branden. I stand corrected.

The UDP streaming would work well for such a scenario: http://manual.raspberryshake.org/udp.html#udp


Tideman: I’d try to buy one up here in the northern hemisphere and ship to you. BUT, I do not actually know much about the sources available listed online, and the resulting shiping expenses would probably prohibit the endeavor.


FWIW, the Pi-4 uses more power and runs significantly hotter (even at idle) than any other Pi. This is a factor if you want to mount a sensitive analog electronics board (Shake input/ADC board) right on top of the Pi board, because higher heat generally also means more thermal drift. This is probably less important for the basic Shake but more significant with others, like a Boom with the long period filter, or Jam with any long-period instrument.



an update on Shake-OS 4 Model B support:

the Shake-OS image available for general download, found here, now provides full support for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computers for use with all Raspsberry Shake seismograph types.