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I’m very excited by the idea of using the infrasound spectrum to identify the events around. Does somebody here have an experience with installing the Raspberry BOOM outdoor? What kind of enclosore you sugest to get the maximum of the infrasoud signal?



Hello David,

In the first place, I installed my RBoom in the crawlspace of my house, which is equipped with a natural ventilation grid at each corner. I believe that at that location, the infrasounds were low-pass filtered, the helicorder was rather flat, though I happened to catch the Paris gas explosion some 32 Km away. The wind was very much of a problem as I had some pressure pumping in the crawlspace when the wind blows : it make strong low frequency signals on the helicorder, especially when I tried the 20 s capillary during a couple of weeks.
Also, I could see a lot of the family social life signals, due to the “trampoline” effect of the lower floor made of concrete : steps, washing machine and dryer… Very much like a RShake would do.
Today my RBoom is located in the attic, the capillary is back to 1 s and I think this location is much better for infrasound enthusiasts. Wind is much less of a problem, I can see a lot of helicopter fly by, the bandpass of the signal are full band (0 to 50 Hz), far less social life artifacts, except my lanmower monochromatic (though somewhat modulated) signal…
I hope this helps,
Patrick RD44E (near Paris, France).


@f5hnk would you be able to send a spectrogram + waveform of the Paris gas explosion as it was recorded on your RBOOM? That would be interesting to see.



Hi Branden,

I did it right away on Jan 12th.


Hypothesis later confirmed by the pros…


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