Raspberry Boom offline

How long should it take for my Raspberry Boom to show up as online again? It was offline for a period until I got the chance to redo the SD card. It is RE1B7 in Alaska. I have it back online (about 36 hours at least) and everything looks right but ShakeNet still reports it as being offline. Thanks.


please have a look again, it should be there now. it was available in boom-view, but the update to the portal failed to propagate properly.

apologies for the inconvenience,


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No, it’s still not showing up in ShakeNet on my phone. I’ve refreshed, logged out and back into ShakeNet but no joy. I set the locations of R5C08 and RE1B7 to be exactly the same Lat/Long/Elev. I think I can see it in the web version of station view but not ShakeNet.


apologies, i had thought you were referring to the shakenet-web, now i understand you are referring to the shakenet-mobile app.

i will investigate further, from what i can see internally, your station should be up, the data is streaming just fine to the servers, as you can see in boom-view:

i will report back when i have more information regarding the mobile app’s misbehaving.


Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.