Raspberry Aurora Magnetometer?

After all of the shakes and boom, it seems like the raspberry shake team would be a perfect to expand their product line and monitoring infrastructure to measure geomagnetism with a magnetometer.
Something like http://www.geomag.bgs.ac.uk/education/earthmag.html
There would be a few challenges such as thermal stability, nothing insurmountable.

Raspberry Aurora … waiting for it to show up on KickStarter!


Hear, hear!

There’s a magnetometer on the RPi Sense Hat, but its calibration involves turning the RPi over and over and round and round, which is quite tricky when it has all those cables attached to it…
I’ve never managed to get it right.

But I’m sure the RS people would build a much more robust instrument that didn’t require calibration by the user.

Looking forward to getting my Aurora.

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