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Hi there,
Totally new here.
Art, technology, you can visit my art website : https://julienbayle.net and our consultancy/teaching https://structure-void.com if you were interested.

I’m very interested by logging things on long period of time using these systems. Actually, I’m curious about infrasound more than shaking things.

1st question : do we have access to the system itself ? OR Can we install another system on the rasp ? Or maybe connect infrasound sensor to another rasp ?
Actually, I’d need to use the rasp as a multipurpose device.

2nd question : In the case of 1 is not possible and we have to use your system, can we access the log locally ? I mean, I’d need to access the data, possibly get them automatically as batch for using them for totally different (art) purpose.

Question 2 bis: If I want to use it but without sending data over internet to your cloud, only use locally, is it possible ?

Question 3 ter : can we get infrasound/data values popped out realtime to another device locally ? I’ thinking a lightweight protocol like OSC over udp. basic messaging (no tcp). Thinking about an installation project in which I could use these, connected to other raspberry through osc, for triggering sound synth.

3rd question : Urban context. Street. Lot of cars. Infrasound can be loud, but I’m questionning myself about the shake part. Would it detect cars ? or would these be too low signals ?

Any infos would lbe appreciated.
We can also discuss through email.

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Hello julienbayle, and welcome to the community!

This projects sound more than interesting, and also fascinating! So let’s get straight to your questions:

  1. Our Shake OS is based on Debian, so you could install something else on the Shake itself. However, we do not recommend it as this could interfere with the Shake operations and impact its performance. You could also try the connection between the sensor and another Pi, but you would have to work through the integration yourself.

  2. This is possible, and you can download all the data your Shake is recording locally via standard Windows software (such as FileZilla) and/or via a simple command line. You can find more here: How to download your data And yes, it is also possible to keep all the data local without having to transmit them to our servers.

  3. This is also possible. You could do it via SWARM (How to visualize the waveforms in real time), for example, or via our RSUDP (How to visualize the waveforms in real time), or another software that you can find in this list: How to visualize the waveforms in real time

  4. The seismic sensor in the RS&BOOM Shake would definitely detect cars, trucks, or other general urban traffic. Some of our users already do it, and you can see an example of a busy road in Manchester, UK, from this tweet: https://twitter.com/listen2mcr/status/1626532616236154880/photo/1. The infrasound sensor could also detect traffic, but you’ll have to experiment yourself for your specific locations if you want to obtain particular data.

If you have any other questions, we remain available.