Random logouts

I’m getting frustrated with the random logouts of the app. This sometimes doesn’t happen for months, then it may happen twice the space of a few days, as has happened recently (IOS - iPhone 12). I have a strong password, so every random logout requires me to go to a password manager to retrieve the password and log in again because the app doesn’t allow you to save the login on IOS.

Is it just me, or are others experiencing this problem, or have a solution?

Thank you.

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Hello K2PI,

I haven’t had this issues with my Android devices since months ago, but you did absolutely good in reporting it.

I have forwarded your observations to our app team, and they will look into it, possibly adding a fix in the next app release.

Thank you for your patience.

I’ve experienced this seemingly random logout issue on iOS as well. Never figured out how to reproduce it though. Wish the app played nice with 1Password or iOS user/pass auto fill because then I wouldn’t mind it so much.

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Hello both, I am just adding that the stability issue has been improved with the new ShakeNet App release (v.1.3.2).

There should be fewer issues with logouts.

As usual, thank you for reporting any problem to us, so that we can address and solve it!