R5A78 display time error

R5A78 data displayed in DataView. System is located in Hawaii, USA so
local time is GMT-10. I’m viewing this in San Jose, CA (GMT-8). When I
view the data stream (the UDP data stream), the time stamp is correct.

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Hello TerryD, welcome back to the community.

Thank you for notifying us about this.

For clarification, with “display time error”, do you mean the time that can be read on the right side edge of the DataView window, or another time error in the data?

I should have been clearer. As I write this reply from San Jose, CA
at 9:30 PST (17:30 UTC) on Jan 17th the graphs look OK.

Perhaps there was a transient issue or this was just my USER ERROR;
probably just my mistake. I’m sorry for the trouble.

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No problem at all TerryD!

It’s always better to check and notify than leave it alone. The worst (best) case is that nothing has to be done, so no worries.