Questions before purchasing raspberry shake RS4D

  1. Is it only powered through micro usb, or can it be powered through USB?

  2. Regarding data, what protocols (UART, PWM, etc) does it use? Also what is the format of data output?

  3. Regarding control, same protocols? Also, what is the procedure for controlling the signals?

Hello ded1, welcome to the community!

Let’s see about your questions:

  1. The Shake is powered through the Raspberry Pi Board, which has a MicroUSB as the source of main power. You technically could back-power it through the USB ports but it is not a recommended procedure for a variety of reasons, main being that current trough the Pi’s USB port is limited by polyfuses, which are not suited for what is needed.

  2. On this, I will leave you with these three links that cover your question. The data is in miniSEED format, more info here:
    This is instead the reference manual for the SEED data format:
    And this is instead a page with info on the Seedlink data transmission protocol we use:

  3. Could you please expand more on what you request is for this last point? Thank you.