Question about using RShake data on a conference poster and/or publication

What is the correct protocol for using RShake data on a conference poster, if you only know the code and the map location, but you don’t know who is operating it?

Is it OK to show the data? If yes, how should it be referenced?

Same question for a published paper.


Hi Alan, it’s a good question and one that is starting to come up more often. We are a citizen science network. Our data policy states that by forwarding data, users agree to anonymously let others see and use it, including for scientific purposes. We suggest citing using the station name and network code, and referencing Raspberry Shake or the RASPISHAKE datacenter (doi:10.7914/SN/AM) as a data resource, but the user’s identity can remain obscured.

For an example in the literature, see Stephen Hicks’s latest paper in SRL (

Thanks, Ian.

That’s exactly what I thought would be the right way to do it, but it’s good to hear you agree :slight_smile:

~ Alan