Q - "Profile is visible" is unclear

Will my e-mail be visible? I can’t leave it blank.

Based on the “Members tab only shows 5 stations” my details will become visible in Members tab as well. Does this include the exact street location of my station, the way it shows for my own station currently?

I think the system needs to encourage people to set their location accurately, but allow obfuscating it. This needs to also be so clear that people don’t set incorrect location just to try to hide it.

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This might be a solution to the map location. This is how it is done on the FlightAware.com. I can choose how my site is shown on their map display. I send flight tracking info to them and exact location of my antenna is needed for accurate reporting. So, it is a very similar situation to the shake data.

This way our data can be sent with the correct exact lat and lot and the individual user can choose how their locations of their shake(s) are shown on the map.