Q - My Shake showing wrong lat/long yet rs.local is correct

My Shake shows my station but the location is wrong. It is in the area but shifted. Is this a privacy feature? If so why does it not show the correct location for me the owner. Checking the setting via rs.local shows the correct value.

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I also noticed this. I recently moved my shake around 1 month or so ago. Weirdly the MyShake lat long appears to be incorrect for the original position too, although only a few 100metres or so away.

Hi @kpharg and @aahstone:
cc: @ivor

As you have guessed, this is a privacy feature, not a bug. We are in the midst of formalizing a policy for this, but right now all Shake locations on maps are obscured up to 1km from their actual location.

In the future, we plan to have a location privacy policy similar to the following:

  • Option will be made available on the station’s web front-end to make its precise location “public”
  • Triangles on the station view page and other maps will always be wrong, as they are now
  • When permission is not given, geolocation coordinates in response file will remain obfuscated, as they are now
  • When permission is given, geolocation coordinates in the station’s response file will be accurate

Richard or I will be happy to answer any questions about this.


Ah I did wonder about privacy when I realised the location of my shake in Spain wasn’t quite right but perfect in the local settings.
I do have a query as why my shake is showing up in London rather than Spain in the new interface. Any ideas?
Thanks Andrew.

Hi Andrew,

I’m not sure which interface you’re referring to. Does the Shake show up in the correct location on Stationview? If so, then no worries.

If not, then you may need to reset the location to the correct coordinates in your http://rs.local/config page.