Protection from mice


I’m a new shake owner and I’m looking to locate it in my garage. The problem is that I live in the country and anything made from plastic is usually chewed by field mice.

I was wondering if it would be possible to locate it in a money box like this for protection if I drilled some vent holes in it along with holes for the cables. Also, if this is an option would I be best to boly the box to the concrete floor?



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There were some discussions a while ago about faraday shields. I never actually built one, but my plan (others had other ideas) was to build a container out of perforated (or expanded) metal sheet.

The solution I was going to use was to drill some fairly large holes through the base, lined up with the “feet” of the R-Shake, so that it would stand on the ground as normal, through those holes, but be surrounded by the metal screen.

For your money box, I would look at going a bit further than drilling a few holes, and cut a large hole in the top and fix perforated/expanded metal sheet over the hole - and maybe some holes in the side.

Examples from Amazon:

The R-Pi does run warm …

One other thing I might think about would be using some rubber-based glue, a spot at each corner, to glue the box to the floor so that it doesn’t get moved.


Hi Gregor,

Adding on to Philip’s suggestion. I would fasten the RShake to the concrete and then add a metal colander/strainer over it. There are many sizes and styles that might work for your situation. You would get plenty of ventilation and not have to worry about any heat build-up.

Some examples are shown in the attached image. You can modify them for cabling. A weight on top might hold it in place. Hot glue or caulking might also work. Basically, strong enough to hold it in place, but not make it hard to remove for access to the RShake.

Chino Hills, Ca


Hello Gregor, and welcome to our community!

As both Philip and Steve have already shared, I also recommend ensuring good ventilation around the Shake to avoid overheating problems for your instrument.

Their solutions are very good and should provide good enough protection against the local rodent population. In any case, I would keep an eye on things as mice can be really resourceful.

If you have any other question(s), I remain available.

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Thanks folks,

I think my money box is a little small so I’m going to use the collander idea once I relocate it. We’re in the Scottish countryside so there’s little escape from the field mice who chew whatever plastic is in their path.

I’m loving my Shake so far and surprised at just what it can pick up from around the world.




Always great to see someone from the same country you live in!

Hope the mice will leave your installation alone after you finish your upgrade.

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