Programmatic graceful shutdown

Reading through the shake manual I noticed that shutting down the shake from the web GUI is the only recommended way in order to prevent damage and data corruption. Because I am developing a remote installation, access to the web GUI is not possible. Can someone provide me with an API that I can call (such as POST localhost/shutdown) so that I can programmatically perform a shutdown in the event of low power?



yes, this is possible in other ways than just from the GUI. namely, the command

> rsh-system-cmd S

will shut down the machine for you safely (data services are first shut down in a friendly manner). likewise, the same command can be used to reboot the machine, but specifying ‘R’ as the sole argument:

> rsh-system-cmd R

there is no API available from the outside, for obvious security reasons, but this command can be sent using ssh to achieve the same result.

let me know if you have any other questions,


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