Problems with Static IP in WiFi

This is a continuation of my original cry for help (I decided to start a fresh topic…as other solutions may have cropped up since I posted the original (Setting up problems). I am even more confused now than I was the first time around. The static IP is set at…and has been all along while it has been running beautifully. I ran into a problem which I thought was due to corruption of the SD card and downloaded a fresh copy of the software and went through the set up steps. I ran into the same problem this time around with the static ip. The front page on my PC is now showing as the static address…despite going through all the steps outlined in my earlier posting…and despite following Stormchaser’s excellent advice which cured the problem first time around.

Here is the log.

RSH.RF862.2023-09-25T05 13 07.logs.tar (301.5 KB)

I have solved this problem myself