Problem with Waveform data saving option

Hi everybody!

In my Raspberry Jam, I have set the option: Waveform data saving with the value: 30
But the raspberry just store few hours.

What’s going on?

I attach screenshot of the webpage.


The output of slinktool command is:

myshake@raspberryshake:/opt $ slinktool -Q localhost
AM R6F38 00 EHE D 2020/03/03 13:50:35.5950 - 2020/03/03 17:11:37.2950
AM R6F38 00 EHN D 2020/03/03 13:50:33.6050 - 2020/03/03 17:11:37.4150
AM R6F38 00 EHZ D 2020/03/03 13:50:37.8250 - 2020/03/03 17:11:40.0950


Hi Ricardo!

The Waveform Data Saving option controls the amount of data saved in the local data archive and not SeedLink’s (near) real-time data buffer.

See: for where/ how to download data from the local data archive.


Hi Branden!

Thanks! :smiley:

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