PRESTo Conversion Factor

I want to run a simulation on PRESTo using files of some Raspberry Shakes from FSDN.
I have obtained the file with obspy.
When running the simulation I have to define the conversion factor parameters.
According, to PRESTo docs:

The conversion factor from counts to m/s2 (or m/s for velocimeters) is: data-logger constant/sensor constant. The sensor constant converts from e.g. acceleration to Volts (V ⋅ s2/m), and the data-logger constant converts from Volts to counts (V/count). If the SAC files are already in m/s2 or m/s rather than counts, use 1 for both constants. If they are in cm/s2 or cm/s, use 1 for the data-logger constant and 100 for the sensor constant.

What are the proposed parameters for RPi Shakes (4D)?


Hello @jimalex Great to see you are using PRESTo.

All of the RS metadata can be found here: Metadata - Instrument Response Files — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake


so from what I understand velocity is in m/s and acceleration is in m/s^2 so I should use 1 for the sensor and 1 for the logger.
could you verify?

Also, are there any suggested parameters for the PRESTo FilterPicker?


Hello @jimalex

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any advice on how to best configure PRESTo. You are the first person I am aware of doing this for Raspberry Shake.

Please share what you discover along the path and we will add a section to our manual based on your experience.