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Has anyone noticed any difference by replacing the switching Power Supply with a linear PS? Does ripple from the PS have any effect at all on the Shake?


hi - was wondering if you found a good linear power supply for this? I have a few 3B+ setups with the canakit supplies but one of the supplies is slightly weaker than the other and I had to swap them around to eliminate warnings. I would like to ditch the wall warts and use a single high quality linear supply to power them.

I’m contemplating a Boom purchase and thought it would be nice to have an “industrial strength” supply for it. Got plenty of time on my hands to think ahead :slight_smile:

73 Jason N1SU/7

I never got an answer, and never went ahead with my experiment. I suspect it might not be much difference, but if I was going to order, I’d try one of these: https://www.amazon.com/POWER-SUPPLY-ADAPTER-TRANSFORMER-SINGLE-OUT/dp/B00B88EP1I/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=JAMECO+RELIAPRO+5v&qid=1619975356&sr=8-3

At 5V exactly, it is slightly under the 5.1VDC that the Pi’s normally take, but I think the supplies that come with them deviate by as much as 2% and the Pi’s don’t seem to mind. You will have to rewire the plug, which can be a pain.

I’ve had good success replacing switching Wall Wart supplies with these small linear wall warts in the past. It keeps down RFI at a minimum.

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thanks for the info and link - will check it out!

Switching power supply would have a 50mv to 100mv high frequency noise that is not noticeable to most observers. Twelve to eighteen months of continuous 24 hours seven days a week is asking a lot from a small switching power supply. The problem is the power supply will start having under voltage that will cause the raspberry pi to reboot unexpectedly. This also puts bad spots on the memory card. Twice I had to troubleshoot this issue.
I ended up using an industrial 5V 6amp linear power supply with 10mv ripple on the output.
Why? I have seen these in use at my job site, running none stop for five to eight years 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.
I seriously hate to miss earthquake events.
The last problem is the boards are expensive, use a higher quality switching power supply with
the correct current rating or greater.



Thanks. I understand the extra ripple, and the fact that the switcher might drop load. They are notorious RFI generators too, which is why I’ve toroids across mine. I’ll take a look for a rack mount surplus supply on e-bay and see what I can find.

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I am using a surplus power supply I purchased on ebay.
It is a
Sola SLS-05-060-1T Linear Open Frame DC Regulated Power Supply Output 5V @ 6A.
I could use a 3amp version but i prefer the double capacitors in the 6amp version.
Other similar brands are Condor or Power One.
Needs to mounted in an enclosure and needs input fuse.
Buy NIB or unused.
Backup UPS noise still bleeds through the linear power supply.

In a bad earthquake the utility generators will shut down.
So many choices in life!
Take care all.

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