Power Pinout for RSBoom Enclosure


I have an RSBoom with an IP67 rated enclosure. It has the three ports (Power, ethernet, and USB), where the power port is a 4 pin style (with only 3 pins). The power supply is no longer supplying consistent power, leading to numerous undervoltages and delays in seedlink streaming.

I am making a change to the power supply, but want to reuse the enclosure and plugs (it is the resusable power supply plug. Before I could take a picture, the wires slipped out of the screw-threaded pressure terminals, and I wanted to configure which is the postivie and which is the ground. My understanding is this was the power supply/plugs that came with it (it doesn’t belong to me, but I’m repairing for someone).

Please see attached picture.

Thanks for any input!

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Hello gscShake, and welcome back to the community.

This should be of help concerning what you need to do, listing which pin has which cable polarity:
Powersource IP67

If you require anything else, I remain available.

Thanks very much @Stormchaser, that’s exactly what I needed.


Great to hear that gscShake; happy to help!