Power line conditioner for Raspberry Shake

Does anyone have any experience with power line conditioners used with Raspberry Shakes? Attached is a spectrogram from my Shake and as you can see there is a lot of interference. These are at frequencies that are below those of any mechanical systems in the house. I can only assume that they are coming across the power line. I do have an inexpensive power strip conditioner in the system but I was looking for something better. Any specific recommendations considered.

Hi @jpulli, two thoughts. If you think this is an electrical issue (not unreasonable I’d say) here’s what I’d do:

  1. Try testing different connectors in your house, to try to see if it’s something related to a certain circuit.
  2. Try using a pure sine wave UPS regulator (not cheap but tend to be pretty effective at eliminating noise from power circuits): https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=pure+sine+wave+ups


Viewed in a close-in time frame, the higher frequency noises don’t look that unusual. Heat pump compressors (yours and your neighbors) often run in the 15-45 Hz range and vehicular noises show up there too.

One thing I see intermittently is a “ticking” right down to the baseline. This is possibly associated with your ethernet connection.

2020-02-18 23_01_42-Swarm 3.0.2

There are several ways your ethernet comm port can induce a signal into the geophone signal (discussed in other postings).

The really damaging one is the band of noise around 1 Hz.

2020-02-18 23_32_29-Swarm 3.0.2

It’s possible this is caused by a bad voltage regulator in your 5 volt power supply or the 3.3 volt regulator on the RPI itself - both easily checked by substitution with another unit.


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Tried a different wall plug, though not sure if the circuit is different. Still that sporadic transient noise from 0 to 5 hours. MY Shake is three years old and an old SHZ, probably time to upgrade to a 3C EHZ.

For me, that pattern from 0-5 hours is clearly the signature of a two-speed heat pump compressor. I would be more concerned with the lack of quiet in the 0.7-2.0 Hz range - that is where the majority of your teleseismic events will show up.

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