Power cycling or remote reset

I am installing a network of 3 component shakes in a school district with very controlled firewalls. After proper configuration, the data from the Shakes were sending data to the RS Data Center reliably. In parallel the data are going to another data center. The data to the RS Center stopped a few days ago but the SeedLink feeds to the other data center are still functioning. From out side the school network I can not verify that somehow data forwarding got turned off somehow.

My questions are
Is a software reset of the shake (I can get to all the shakes once inside the school network) identical to a power cycle. To power cycle I have to travel to each school and access is still a problem due to COVID issues

Also since the second seedlink feed is working does that mean that the data forwarding is turned on or does data forwarding only affect the feed to the RS center?

Thanks in advance

Hello Tim, welcome to the community!

Let’s see about your questions. For the first one, yes, rebooting the Shake via the rs.local/ interface equals to a power cycle.

For the second question, data forwarding enables data to be sent to the Raspberry Shake Data Center and has no affect, on or off, on their direct seedlink connection. The IRIS-DMC has setup a direct seedlink connection to these units, independent of our cloud services, and since seedlink is always running, data forwarding ON has no affect on it whatsoever. data forwarding just enabled comms with our servers.

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Thanks for your quick response. Yes IRIS is receiving the data and those feeds continue to work reliably. However the R9C8C and R195D shakes are no longer sending to the Shake Data Center.

This morning I went into the School’s internal network and confirmed that these shakes have data forwarding turned on. So do you have any idea why the flow to your center stopped. My goal was to have it go to both IRIS and the RS Data Center. You have some very useful tools I want the teachers to be able to take advantage of as well as those at IRIS. I was told that sending the data to two data centers in parallel would be possible.

Of course something in the firewall of the school could have changed without my knowing it. If you think that is the source of the data interruption I will pursue it with them



Not sure if you or the firewall tech did something but shortly after my question, two of the stations resumed sending data to the Shake Data Center. Problem resolved, solution unknown


Hello Tim,

No, we didn’t take actions from our side, so it must have been someone who worked with the firewalls.

Glad to hear that the Shakes are working properly now!

Is there a control panel or app or command to set up the RS4D to restart daily at a midnigth UTC??

Hello SismosDOM,

There is no direct command to do that, but you can easily set up a cronjob once you have accessed the shake via command prompt (by sshing with ssh myshake@rs.local or @IP Address of the Shake).

When you are in, you can see the listed cronjobs with crontab -l, and you can edit them with crontab -e. Remember to not remove any of the lines already present, and to simply add a new one.

This thread on the official raspberrypi forum can get you started: How to automatically restart the pi every day? - Raspberry Pi Forums