Possible rocket sound

The Wallops Island launch facility is 220 km east of my location and last night launched an ISS resupply rocket. It was very quiet last night with almost no wind. I have a open path in the direction of the launch. My RBoom recorded something that may have been the rocket. It is a bit later than travel time predicts but at the time it rose above the horizon here it was already screaming away in an easterly direction (at > mach 1). So I think it is feasible that the sound was a bit later and “smeared” to a later time frame.

One of my neighbors managed a photo with a good 35 mm camera
rocket-end-2020-10-03 10_08_28-(2) Friends of Bull Run Mountain Virginia _ Groups _ Facebook


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Hello Ken,

It is indeed a very interesting capture! You should plan on observation for the next launch from Wallops, so you will have certainty of what the spectra is showing you.

Keep us posted!