Port forwarding

I am giving acces to my station in Colombia to a local professor. It works fine but when he try to access the helicorder the port is not follow, so it didnot load.

site: http://lacumbre.homeip.net:26992 works fine
Click on helicorder and it loads
It should be:
(The port shows up for a second )

Any clue to solve this?



Hello areyes2525, welcome to the community!

An immediate solution would be, for your local professor, to directly access the Helicorder Display page by entering this address into the browser:


I tried it with different browsers and from my mobile devices and it seems to work fine.

I think that this is happening (not 100% sure) because your modem may not be routing traffic from inside the local address to what it thinks is a public external one. When you come from outside, the traffic hits the modem from the external line, and the port forwarding rules get applied, and the traffic reaches your web server. But those port forwarding rules don’t get applied to internal traffic. You’re trying to browse the web server on the modem, rather than on your server.

You could try to set-up a more advanced port forwarding function that determines whether you are on your local network or not, and programmatically choose the right way to address the server, but I think that the direct link should be enough if your local professor just needs to see the helicorders.

guess it is the only way for him to acces the heli. The way they setup the internet is weird. I open the ports on my router but they have to open them on their servers too in order to work. It took 6 mnths to do that. Gracias

It seems indeed a strange setup, but if he manages to get the helicorder graphs with a single link, it should be ok.

No problem at all, you’re welcome.