POE ? for rasp shake

Can I attach a Rpi POE hat then run the raspberry shake through an ethernet cable for data and power?
I would like to stream line the cables so I can place it in the back garden and the power adaptor is so short.

Hi Graham, others can speak to this better than me but I believe at least some of the PoE hats people have tried have turned out to cause issues with the transmission of data from the Shake board to the Pi. Unless someone has gotten a specific hat to work, I would suggest running a long extension cord instead.

pity the one that comes with it is so short!!
thanks anyway Ian.

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Hi Graham,

I am currently using the official raspberry Pi POE hat. It works great, but I think it puts a small amount of noise in the EHZ channel. I noticed mine is not as clean as some.

I had to buy extenders for the GPIO pins and also the 4 POE pins. the pins go through the POE hat to the shake board which is on top. also had to use longer standoffs because the extender adds some extra space.



It’s not a hat, but here is the PoE adapter I use


Similar to the previous post. Here is a another option. I have been using it with my 4D in the backyard. I paired with a poe switch.


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That is a nice, inexpensive option that does not require modifications to the enclosure. Good find.