Plot all 4 components from Rs4D using Seisgram2k

Hi Shakers !
is there anyway to plot realtime, all the 4 components of RS4D (1 geophone, 3 MEMS accelometer) together using Seisgram2K ?

I think (but I am not 100% sure) that you can only plot or the three channels ENZ - ENN - ENE or the single vertical channel EHZ.

Maybe you can write to anthony[at] asking if in a future version this possibility will be enabled, so to have all four channels plotted together on the same screen.

However, if other users on this community know differently, and want to help Aditya, please feel free to answer!

This is possible. See:


$ java -cp SeisGram2K70_SCHOOL.jar net.alomax.seisgram2k.SeisGram2K  -seedlink "rs.local:18000#AM_R5DCF:00E??#300"


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Thank you @Branden!

You’re right, by modifying that string it is possible to see all channels when SeismGram2K is launched.

Maybe we can add a section there?