Phone App 24hr plot very slow

I don’t often use the 24 hour plot on the phone app but I noticed tonight that it is very slow i.e.>5 minutes to load the 24 hour plot - in fact it has just timeout as well.

I don’t think it’s the local internet speed, as online streaming is quite OK (and we aren’t streaming while downloading the 24 hour plot). ;o)

I imagine that the server for the data for the 24 hr plot is a different one from the FDSN server, but if it isn’t or there’s some common gateway, it might also point to the FDSN server timeouts… just a thought.


Hello sheeny,

Thank you for this notification! I have checked on my devices (tablet and smartphone), but the 24h helicorder loads as fast as it usually does, both via WiFi and 4G signal. But I will check the servers again just to be sure.

Is the issue still present for you?

G’Day Stormchaser,

I am away from home ATM, but currently through phone data the load time is OK - not super fast but acceptable.

We have no mobile phone service at home so the phone and all data is through our wireless NBN internet connection. It’s looking like my internet connection is slow at least part of the time, so that’s something I’m going to have to chase with my service provider.



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Hello sheeny,

No problem at all, and please continue to provide your feedback when you find yourself in similar situations, as they are always worth checking.