Past Events

Is to possible to download the past earthquake events for my station?

Short answer: YES

There are many ways of doing it.
My way is to edit this template:
curl -k “” -o Outfile
replacing the tokens: network, SiteNo, location, channel, Start, Finish and Outfile with appropriate values and running it in a DOS window.

Then, once you get the .mseed file, there are a multitude of ways of extracting the data.
I use ReadMSEEDFast.m in Matlab.
Another way is to use mseed2ascii.exe to write a .txt file.
Or you can use SWARM.

And without doubt, Ian has a Pythonesque way of doing it.

This is the way to extract data from your station i.e. I’m already doing it using obspy.

My question was more specific how to extract past earthquakes. Like I’m trying to extract earthquakes using this tutorial but the STA/LTA values are not working in my case.
Earthquake and Aftershock

Hi Shakeel, if you know the date of the earthquake you can download data from the server corresponding to that day, then run a time trigger algorithm to pick the earthquake, like Krischer does in the tutorial link you sent. As mentioned in another thread however, the furthest back you will be able to download at the moment is March 2019.